Cuspated Drainage Sheet

Our cuspated range of products can be deployed as a low-cost barrier to water in the building and construction sector, as well as root propagation in the horticulture industry.


We manufacture of a diverse range of drainage products catering for various types of civil and agricultural applications.

Our dimpled / cuspated sheeting integrated with geotextile provides effective drainage and manages subsurface water on retaining wall walls, planters, basement foundations and other structures. Corex drainage products are manufactured from recycled HDPE.

Industries & applications include:


Civil engineering:

  • Edge Drain

Building & construction:

  • Water-proofing membranes


Cuspation sheet options:

  • 5 – 25mm high
  • Single, double cuspate
  • Single cuspate with holes

Size & formats

  • Maximum width: up to 1200mm
  • Roll formats up to 30 meters


  • 100% recyclable Australian made high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Lightweight, flexible, yet extremely durable
  • Resistant to UV light, chemicals, and fungus


Corex drainage sheets are 100% recyclable. When your products are ready to retire or if you have post-industrial waste you want to return, Corex can recycle and reuse them.


Our technical specialists can work with you to create customised drainage solutions.

  • Roof Deck
  • Root Barrier
  • Plaza Deck
  • Edge Drain
The circular economy

Products that never go into the ground

At Corex, we believe plastic can be of great benefit to our society, when managed responsibly. We are industry leaders in facilitating the truly sustainable existence of plastic in our world.

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Corex’s local assets, experience and general team know-how allows us to offer services at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

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