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In addition to Corflute®, we extrude solid and cuspated sheets and rolls. We have a full suite of inhouse fabrication services enabling us to create bespoke boxes and other recyclable products.

Plastic Sheets & Rolls

We are the only manufacturer and supplier of twin wall profile polypropylene Corflute® sheet, Armaboard®, cuspated drainage and solid plastic sheet extrusions. All products are 100% recyclable.

Sheets & Rolls
Corflute® Range
We are the exclusive manufacturer of Corflute®, a proprietary twin…
Sheets & Rolls
Corex Sustainable Plastic Solutions
We are the exclusive manufacturer of Corflute and Promeg ecorange®;…
Sheets & Rolls
Promeg® Polypropylene Sheets
Promeg® is Australia’s locally made 100% recyclable polypropylene sheet. It has…
Sheets & Rolls
Solid Plastic Sheeting
Corex® Solid Sheet is suitable for die-cutting and thermoforming. We…
Sheets & Rolls
HDPE Plastic Sheets
We extrude a range of Polyethylene (PE) sheet suited for…
Sheets & Rolls
Designed specifically for the signage, retail, and exhibition display markets….
Sheets & Rolls
Cuspated Drainage
Corex cuspated sheet is a solid sheet extrusion formed into…

Fabricated Products

We have put together a full range of fabricated plastic products and services including printing and forme-cutting, so we can create sustainable and reusable packaging, horticultural and signage solutions.

Fabricated Products
Boxes & Containers
Corflute® is a fantastic material to make boxes and containers…
Fabricated Products
Pallet Layer Pads
We manufacture a wide range of layer pads for the…
Fabricated Products
Bulk Handling
Corex have designed a proprietary range of intermediate bulk handling…
Fabricated Products
Protective Packaging
Corflute® is used for so much more than print, display…
Fabricated Products
We manufacture a wide range of Corflute Truck Board® used…
Fabricated Products
Corflute Irrigation Channels
Corflute® Irrigation Channels. Robust and versatile drain system for Hydroponic…
Fabricated Products
Tree & Vine Guards
100% recyclable and Australian made, Corflute® Tree and Vine Guards provide…
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Corex’s local assets, experience and general team know-how allows us to offer services at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

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Retail & Signage
Durability meets graphic wow! Corflute® Range of sheet products has been formulated specifically for signage…
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Building & Construction
We manufacture a range of Fluteboard® and solid sheet products that are widely used for…
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Food & Beverage Production
We manufacture a wide range of product protection and packaging solutions for the food and…
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Food Packaging
We design and manufacture a broad range of fresh produce packaging solutions for use in…
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We are with you every step of the way throughout the journey of farm to…
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Supply Chain
We work across all areas of the supply chain including; packaging of delivery boxes, warehouse…
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