CoolSeal Packaging

Corflute® sealed-edge solutions increases strength, improves insulation, and eliminates contamination through open flutes. A sustainable alternative to polystyrene and PVC packaging.

Product overview

Corflute® Sealed Edge Packaging

Corflute® CoolSeal (Sealed-Edge) solutions increases strength, improves insulation, and eliminates contamination through open flutes.

A environmentally friendly, light weight, energy efficient alternative to polystyrene packaging. PVC Free.

Designed to be reused again and again. 100% recyclable at end of life at Corex Recycling.


  • Fresh produce packaging
  • Seafood transportation
  • Live produce such as abalone and lobsters
  • Medical delivery boxes


Sealed Edge Technology

  • Leak proof, eliminates contaminants entering open flutes
  • Improves strength of box

Improves the insulating properties by trapping the cold air inside the walls of the box.

Cool Seal Solutions suited to any wet environment.

  • Improve hygiene with CoolSeal’s Heat Sealed Edge
  • Delivered flat packed in bundles minimizing storage and delivery costs
  • Easy erect designs built in one simple movement
  • Minimize storage costs by up to 85% with our flat packed design
  • Reduce delivery cost with a lighter and less bulky seafood box
  • Efficient packing with more fish shipping boxes available on-demand at packing line
  • Eliminate EPS bead contamination of your facility & drain cleaning expense
  • Improve product quality with faster chilling times
  • Residual value of 100% recyclable material

Technical information

Sealed Edge Technology

  • Trapped air is the key. Air is trapped in the flutes with our exclusive manufacturing process which allows us to seal the open ends and traps the air inside, to create an insulative layer and a leak-proof package.
  • The polypropylene flute board employed is lightweight and strengthened through the process of heat sealing the edges.
  • CoolSeal includes our inter-locking stacker range, from 3kg up to 25kg. All designed for perfect palletising and logistics.



Stericor™is an Antimicrobial Plastic Sheet that is FDA approved. Stericor™ can be applied to sealed-edge Corflute® packaging when extra protection is required for applications like medical and food packaging items.

Cleaner & more durable: It is inherently cleaner and more durable plastic product. These invaluable features make it perfect for use in hygiene critical, high-traffic environments such as hospitals, food processing facilities and schools.

Permanent & cost-effective: Provides protection is a permanent, cost-effective solution that remains active for lifetime. It restricts  typical microbial and fungal degradation. Remains effective even if a treated object is nicked or scratched. The technology does not wash off, wear away.

Stops the stink! Microbes can cause noxious odours. Stericor™ naturally reduces odours and improves product appeal for consumers. It minimizes the presence of stain and odor-causing bacteria.


Everything we make is invited to be brought back for recycling and reuse in products for tomorrow.

Corex Recycling works alongside the factory that designs and produces CoolSeal packaging.

The circular economy

Products that never go into the ground

At Corex, we believe plastic can be of great benefit to our society, when managed responsibly. We are industry leaders in facilitating the truly sustainable existence of plastic in our world.

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Corex’s local assets, experience and general team know-how allows us to offer services at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

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