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We are the only manufacturer and supplier of twin wall profile polypropylene Corflute® sheet, PROMEG® polypropylene, Armaboard®, cuspated drainage and solid plastic sheet extrusions. All products are made in Australia. At the end of your Corex and Megara products life, or if you have post industrial scrap, we invite your waste to be brought back to Corex Recycling to be remade into products for tomorrow.
Corflute Signs
Corflute® Signs
As the exclusive manufacturers of Corflute®, we extrude the material,...
Sheets & Rolls
Promeg® Polypropylene Sheets
Promeg® is Australia's locally made 100% recyclable polypropylene sheet. It has...
Sheets & Rolls
Corflute® is a twin wall polypropylene substrate available in a...
Sheets & Rolls
Fluteboard® is a twin wall polypropylene substrate available in a...
Sheets & Rolls
When image is everything, Imageboard® is your product! Imageboard is...
Sheets & Rolls
Versamount® has the strength and rigidity of Corflute® but designed...
Sheets & Rolls
100% Recycled Corflute®
100% Recycled Corflute® as the name suggests, is made from recycled...
Sheets & Rolls
Solid Sheeting
Corex® Solid Sheet is suitable for printing, die-cutting and thermoforming....
Sheets & Rolls
Designed specifically for the signage, retail, and exhibition display markets....
Sheets & Rolls
Cuspated Drainage Sheets
Our cuspated range of products can be deployed as a...
Sheets & Rolls
Plastic Tree Root Barrier®
Preventing root damage to roads and buildings. Migration and spreading...
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