Corex and the Circular Economy

At Corex, we believe polymers can be of great benefit to our society, when managed responsibly. Their unique properties and recyclability allow for infinite function with excellent endurance. When applied in a circular economy model, the use of polymer reduces strain on natural resources and creates greater supply chain efficiency. Corex are thought and industry leaders in facilitating the truly sustainable existence of plastic in our world.


Sustainability by Design

When you approach Corex with a custom need, we take time to work through every aspect of your design to ensure our solution is not only perfectly fit for purpose, but that it also meets our sustainability objectives.

  1. You speak to a ‘real’ person at Corex, and we discuss your needs and ultimate objectives
  2. We develop innovative solutions for you based on:
    • The latest polymer science
    • Design expertise and experience
    • Comprehensive market knowledge
    • State of the art manufacturing capabilities
    • Extensive research & development
  3. The solution is validated for sustainability:
    • Reduced use of polymer
    • Reusable product
    • Recycled polymer content
    • Recyclable product
    • Recoverable product


Complete Turnkey Solutions

Humble plastic beads form the basis of infinite possibilities with an average of 30% recycled material.

  1. We extrude sheets and rolls to meet your needs in a wide range of:
    • Sizes
    • Colours (including co-extrusion)
    • Finishes
    • Performance
  2. Our turnkey solutions comprise a full range of capabilities including:
    • Screen printing
    • Digital printing
    • Guillotining/Slitting
    • Die-Cutting
    • Laminating
    • Welding
    • Box-Making
    • Up to 100% recycled material


Australian manufacturing: Flexibility & speed

  1. Direct from our manufacturing plant in Dandenong, we fabricate, test, check, and ship right to your door; anywhere in the world. This means we can provide:
    • Rapid responses
    • More variety, including customisation
    • Affordable quantities (lower MOQ’s)
    • Shorter lead-times
    • Orders in full and on time
    • Reliable distribution

Product Lifecycle

Full customer value realised

  1. You use your Corex product and continue being supported by the Corex team. This ensures your product/solution:
    • Perfectly meets your brief
    • Provides the highest possible return on investment
    • Gives you the greatest economical efficiencies
  2. You reuse the product over and over (where practical) until it is no longer fit for purpose.

Recycle & Reuse

Zero Landfill

  1. At the end of its life, every retired Corex product can be returned to, or collected by, Corex Recycling.
  2. Corex Recycling converts it back into beads for use in new products – and the cycle begins again.

Our Corflute® recycling program

Every sheet of Corflute® is invited to be brought back. We supply industrial size recycling bins called Corpaks® to our clients and distribution partners. We process and recycle all plastic we receive on site. All processed material returned to us has a use within Corex Plastics.