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We are the exclusive manufacturer of Corflute®, a proprietary twin wall profile polypropylene sheet used in packaging and high-end graphic solutions. Corflute® products are chosen for their printability, durability, wettability, reusability, and recyclability credentials.
Sheets & Rolls
Corflute® is a twin wall polypropylene substrate available in a...
Sheets & Rolls
Recycled Corflute®
Recycled Corflute®eco as the name suggests, is made from...
Sheets & Rolls
Stock Corflute® Sheets
We make a range of Corflute® coloured sheet suitable for...
Corflute Signs
Corflute® Signs
As the exclusive manufacturers of Corflute®, we can also make...
Corflute Recycling
Corflute® Recycling Preparation
As the exclusive manufacturers of Corflute® and PROMEG® polypropylene, we...
Sheets & Rolls
Fluteboard® is a twin wall polypropylene substrate available in a...
Sheets & Rolls
Versamount® has the strength and rigidity of Corflute® but designed...
Sheets & Rolls
When image is everything, Imageboard® is your product! NEW Imageboard®...

More about our Corflute® Range

Australia’s Leading Corflute Sheet Suppliers

If you are in the market for Corflute® sheets, boards and signs then you can consider Corex Plastics your one-stop shop. Our company prides itself on supplying high-quality and durable Corflute® products, from Corflute® signs to Corflute® boards and more.

Not only are we dedicated to producing first-rate products, but we are also committed to environmental sustainability. As we have invested in innovative recycling solutions, you can be assured that you are purchasing from a business that values both the planet and its customers equally.

What is Corflute? 

Corflute® is a diverse product that can be used for hundreds of purposes, including retail signage, packaging, slip sheets, pallets and solar heating panels.

Put simply, Corflute® is a corrugated plastic with a uniformly ribbed surface. Corflute® is preferable to corrugated cardboard because it is bendable, both chemical and water-resistant and easier to cut to size.

A highly-versatile material, Corflute® can withstand both hold and cold environments and be cut and folded to suit your specific needs. 

What Is Corflute Made From?

Corflute® is made from a type of fluted plastic called polypropylene that is both lightweight and solid. Usually 3mm or 5mm in width, Corflute®’s structure is two flat sheets with a ribbed centre layer. Due to being made from plastic, Corflute® can be used for printing bright and colourful signs. 

Can Corflute Be Recycled?

Yes, Corflute® is recyclable, but it is not currently able to be recycled via your curbside yellow bin. However, at Corex Recycling we engage our clients in a plastic recycling program to ensure that used Corflute® products can be repurposed. At our state-of-the-art recycling facility, we accept returned Corflute® sheets like signage, packaging, and offcuts and process them to form our environmentally friendly products. 

Enquire Today for Your Business 

At Corex, we have created a range of tailored solutions to meet a variety of industry needs from Melbourne and Perth to Sydney, Adelaide and all major cities. Our past work has included solutions for education institutes, retail signage, food & beverage, building & construction, product packaging, and many more.

Our range includes single sheet flute boards, packaging boxes and other packaging solutions, but we are more than happy to discuss another product you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of expert suppliers if you are interested in ordering Corflute® plastic sheets for your company, or if you have any other queries.

Give us a call on (03) 9238 1300 and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

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