Solid Plastic Range

Corex® Solid Sheet is our industrial sheet product suited for transport, building and construction applications. We extrude a range of Polypropylene, HDPE, and HMWHDPE sheet and rolls to suit your unique applications. PROMEG® is our own exclusive polypropylene sheet with an unmatchable finish for high-end graphic applications. It is lightweight, durable and suitable for a range of packaging, signage and display products.
Sheets & Rolls
Promeg® Polypropylene Sheets
Promeg® is Australia's locally made 100% recyclable polypropylene sheet. It has...
Sheets & Rolls
HDPE Plastic Sheets
We extrude a range of Polyethylene (PE) sheet suited for...
Sheets & Rolls
Promeg® Polypropylene Stock Items
We hold many PROMEG® polypropylene sheets in stock to make...
Sheets & Rolls
Solid Plastic Sheeting
Corex® Solid Sheet is suitable for die-cutting and thermoforming. We...
Sheets & Rolls
Recycled PP by Corex
Corex® Recycled Polypropylene (r-PP) is specifically designed for injection molding...
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