Do you have Corflute® signage to recycle from the NSW election?

3 mins read 28 March 2023

NSW State Election, Corflute® Recycling Program

Free Drop-Off Service

The circular economy warriors at Corex Recycling want to let you know that Corflute® Election Signage is 100% recyclable.

If you are looking for a recycling solution for your Corflute® Signs from the recent NSW State Election, you can drop-off your signs at Paper Resource for processing.

All processed material will be returned to Corex Recycling where it will be recycled and reused in products for tomorrow.

NSW Drop-off Location

You can drop your small quantities (up to a car boot load) of Corflute® Election signs at Paper Resource during business hours.

You don’t need to contact Paper Resource prior to drop-off as long as your materials meet the contamination guidelines. See “Preparing your Corflute® Sign for recycling” information below.

Paper Resource: 25 Forrester St, Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Business hours: 7.30am – 4pm Monday-Friday

Larger quantities of Corflute® & on-going service

Paper Resource can organise collection of industrial quantities of Corflute® as well as many other recycling services including; paper, cardboard, timber and soft plastic collections.

Get in touch with Chad Loumbos at Paper Resource

Preparing your Corflute® Sign for recycling

So that we can recycle your used election signs, we need you to check for contaminants and remove them. At Corex Recycling, we refer to a contaminant as the presence of materials or a substance other that Corflute®. We need your Corflute® Signs to be free of contaminates so that we can; shred, melt and make recycled pellets from it which enables us to make products for tomorrow.

It’s easier than you think! Here are the steps to check for and remove contaminants:

Checking for contaminants

Your Corflute® election sign may have no contaminants. If your graphics have been printed directly to the Corflute® and there are no eyelets, you probably have a contaminant free sign.

Often, election signage doesn’t need protective PVC film over the surface or eyelets to protect the holes that allow it to be secured to a fence. People tend to use these extra elements when a sign is being used for longer than 6 months.

Please remove the below contaminants
  • Eyelets around the holes – plastic and metal
  • PVC protective film – if your Corflute® sign is super shiny and you can pick a layer of plastic from a corner, this is PVC
  • PVC pockets
  • Paper
  • Adhesive tapes, glues, cable ties
  • Wood – like in garden stakes that may support the sign
Above: Corflute®Recycling Bin. Drop‑off your Corflute® Election signage for free to the dedicated collection bins at Paper Resource.


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