Hort Connections Highlights

3 mins read 8 June 2022
Hort Connections Wrap-Up

What a week we have had exhibiting at Hort Connections in Brisbane.

It’s wonderful to be back reconnecting with our local fruit, vegetable and floral producers. Our industries adaption and growth post-pandemic in the Australasian region was inspiring to see.

In response to the horticultural markets desire to make the change to more sustainable packaging, we displayed a range of reusable fresh produce packaging concepts. All of our products on show were made in Victoria, from design, to material manufacturing, right the way through to printing; saving time, energy, resources and most importantly, our environment.

Businesses are making the change to reusable Corflute® packaging solutions because they are both environmentally and economically more sustainable than single use cardboard boxes used in transportation and delivery.

Featured products on our Corex stand:

  • Fresh produce boxes made from 100% recyclable Corflute®
  • Cherry boxes
  • Grape boxes
  • Corn boxes
  • Bean boxes
  • Returnable retail to customer delivery boxes
  • Seafood boxes
  • Warehouse to retail reusable tote boxes
  • Bulk containers
  • Tree gaurds
  • and our beautiful reusable succulent packaging made from Kerbeco® – our polypropylene sheet made from kerbside waste.

Get some Australian packaging with your homegrown produce! Contact the team at Corex to create a sustainable solution for your business

Above: Corpak® containers are built for strength, and flexibility with endless applications including transporting fresh produce and cut flowers.
Above: Our succulent plant holders were made from 50% post consumer waste. Kerbeco® is a proprietary sheet made exclusively by our sister company, Megara.
Above: Waterproof and reusable Corflute®fresh produce packaging. Get more than 150 trips from our packaging as opposed to just 3 or 4 trips using a cardboard solution.
Above: Grape picking box. Let us design a bespoke solution for your fresh produce.
Above: Corex stand at Hort Connections 2022, Brisbane.
Corex Recycling

At the end of your reusable Corflute®  packages life, we invite your waste to be brought back to Corex for recycling. We supply industrial size recycling bins called Corpaks® to our clients and distribution partners. We process and recycle all plastic we receive on site. All processed material returned to us has a use within Corex Plastics.

Above: Corflute® Recycling Bin ready to take your waste. All Corflute® that's reached the end of its life gets made into products for tomorrow.