NSW Update: Corflute® Recycling Program

3 mins read 17 March 2023

NSW Recycling Partnership

Corex Group (Corex) which includes Corex Plastics, Corex Recycling and Megara Australia will be working with fellow Australian privately owned company Paper Resource to offer our NSW customers with a solution that ensures that all Corflute® products can be returned for recycling and reuse in products for tomorrow.


Over the last few years, bringing Corflute® back to Victoria for recycling became very difficult. The costs associated with freight, coupled with business difficulties faced by our longstanding partner in NSW who densified the Corflute® prior to its return for recycling, culminated in an unsustainable recycling program.

The old interstate Corflute® Recycling Program required remodelling to enable a sustainable solution for Corex, Corflute® users and environment alike.

Above: Corex Group Managing Director Simon Whiteley together with Paper Resource Director Chad Loumbos and William Lehnacker Commercial Manager Corex Recycling.

Why this partnership is different

It was critical that we were not simply bringing back air-filled containers of Corflute® (the fluted composition of Corflute® creates more air than weight volume) as this is not environmentally friendly or cost effective.

With 50 years of recycling experience servicing commercial printers, Paper Resource had all the ingredients that we were looking for. Aside from decontaminating, densifying and bailing Corflute®, Paper Resource will offer a complete service for Corex and Megara customers. From delivering Corpaks® for Corflute® and PROMEG® polypropylene offcuts and scrap, right the way through to returning semi-trailer loads of bailed materials back to Corex Recycling.

All material returned to us from Paper Resource will have a use within Corex Plastics creating a circular economy.

Trials of the new service have commenced. The next steps will include the delivery of Corpaks® and advising customers of drop-off locations.

For information on the NSW Corflute® Recycling Program contact Will Lehnacker

Contact Chad Loumbos at Paper Resource

Download: Media Release

Above: Corflute® Recycling Bin

Working Sustainability

At Corex Group, we believe polymers can be of great benefit to our society, when managed responsibly. Their unique properties and recyclability allow for infinite function with excellent endurance.

When applied in a Circular Economy model, the use of polymer reduces strain on natural resources and creates greater supply chain efficiency.

Everything that we make is invited to be brought back for recycling and reuse in products for tomorrow.

Corex Group are thought and industry leaders in facilitating the truly sustainable existence of plastic in our world.

After checking recyclable materials for contaminants, Corex Recycling heats, melts, filters and repelletises plastics for reuse.

For information on the NSW Corflute® Recycling Program contact Will Lehnacker

Contact Chad Loumbos at Paper Resource