Corex Awarded Sustainability Victoria Recycling Modernisation Grant

3 mins read 8 February 2022

Corex Recycling announced as one of thirteen recipients of Sustainability Victoria's Recycling Modernisation Fund

Fantastic news to kick-off 2022 with a grant awarded to Corex Recycling by Sustainability Victoria.

Sustainability Victoria has given the green light to thirteen local projects that will assist in transforming Victoria’s plastic waste into new products.

The fund is being used to build or upgrade local recycling facilities, which will transform an extra 137,000 tonnes of plastic, glass, and tyre waste into innovative new products every year.

Corex Recycling is one of the excited 13 recipients.

Solving the plastic waste problem.

Over the last few decades, millions of unwanted plastic coat hangers and vehicle bumper bars have been exported to China for waste disposal. When the recent bans on export of waste were introduced, the team at Corex Recycling went into research and development mode to see if we could create a solution for the waste, and ultimately reprocess and reuse the plastics in a local closed-loop service.

The funding granted to Corex Recycling will be used for new equipment to process difficult-to-recycle plastics including the clothes hangers that go into Australian retailer stores and vehicle bumper bars at the end of their use. The recycled plastics will then be reprocessed on-site by Corex Australia.

We are very proud to be part of the recycling solution and grateful for Sustainability Victoria’s Recycling Modernisation Fund initiative.

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