Recycle Corflute® signage from the Dunkley by-election

5 mins read 26 February 2024
Above: Your Corflute® Election Signage is 100% recyclable at Corex Recycling!

Recycle your Corflute® election signs

The circular economy warriors at Corex Recycling want to let you know that Corflute® Election Signage is 100% recyclable.

If you are looking for a recycling solution for your Corflute® Signs from the recent Dunkley by-election, you can drop-off your signs at Corex Recycling for processing.

All processed material will be recycled and reused in products for tomorrow.

Collect your election signage in the neighbourhood and bring it back to us, or gather it into stockpiles and we will pick it up from a consolidated point.

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Above: Returned Corflute ready for recycling and reuse within our closed loop operations.

Preparing your Corflute® Sign for recycling

So that we can recycle your used election signs, we need you to check for contaminants and remove them. At Corex Recycling, we refer to a contaminant as the presence of materials or a substance other that Corflute®. We need your Corflute® Signs to be free of contaminates so that we can; shred, melt and make recycled pellets from it which enables us to make products for tomorrow.

It’s easier than you think! Here are the steps to check for and remove contaminants:

Checking for contaminants

Your Corflute® election sign may have no contaminants. If your graphics have been printed directly to the Corflute® and there are no eyelets, you probably have a contaminant free sign.

Often, election signage doesn’t need protective PVC film over the surface or eyelets to protect the holes that allow it to be secured to a fence. People tend to use these extra elements when a sign is being used for longer than 6 months.

Please remove the below contaminants
  • Eyelets around the holes – plastic and metal
  • PVC protective film – if your Corflute® sign is super shiny and you can pick a layer of plastic from a corner, this is PVC
  • PVC pockets
  • Paper
  • Adhesive tapes, glues, cable ties
  • Wood – like in garden stakes that may support the sign

Corflute Preparation

Above: Drop-off your contaminant free signs to Corex Recycling 9am-2pm Monday-Friday. Gate 1, 2 Monterey Rd, Dandenong South.

Getting your Corflute® Signs back to us

Small volumes

We refer to small quantities as equivalent amount of a car boot load (less than 100 kg’s).

You can drop off your Corflute® at our Dandenong South site!

Corex Recycling (Google Maps)

  • 9am-2pm
  • Gate 1, 2 Monterey Rd, Dandenong South

Email 1 day before your planned drop-off with your name, the candidate you are assisting, and approximate volume of material being returned so that we can confirm that the gates are open, and our bin has capacity to receive your recycling.

Large volumes

For larger volumes of Corflute®, we can provide transport and Corpak®

Email with a photo of your Corflute® signs for recycling and where the signs are located. We will recommend what process will be most suited.

About Corex® Australia Pty Ltd

Established in 1985, Corex Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer of Corflute®, a proprietary twin wall profile polypropylene sheet used broadly across the signage, display, packaging, and building industries.

Corex has accepted material for recycling of all our products for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our reduced footprint and have been trail-blazers in recycling and reusing plastics.

About Corflute®

Not all twin-wall plastic sheets are the same. There is only one Corflute®.
Corflute® is a proprietary product manufactured by Corex Australia. Manufacturing products in Australia assists in reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption compared with imported twin-wall plastic alternatives.

We are different to other suppliers. We are the only twin-wall plastic sheet manufacturer with a closed-loop approach to production. Last year we recycled 500 tonnes* of waste materials returned to us from people using Corflute® in signage and display applications.

We encourage people to bring Corflute® back to Corex Recycling for reuse in new products.

It is in our DNA to reuse and recycle all materials that we produce and we only manufacture materials that can be recycled by Corex Recycling.