Interstate Corflute Recycling Program Update

4 mins read 11 March 2022
Corflute® Recycling Program Disruptions

Corex takes great pride on our reduced footprint and have been trail-blazers in recycling and reusing plastics for over 20 years.

At the heart of Corex Plastics is our Corflute® Recycling Program.

We are experiencing come disruptions with our interstate Corflute® Recycling Program. The program has not been cancelled. It is being remodeled with the goal of creating a solution that is more streamline for our interstate customers.

The cost of transportation is the predominate factor that has led to this situation, as the recovery cost of gathering the Corflute® waste has exceeded the cost of acquiring a virgin material.

Other external factors such as the speed of exchange of our recycling containers and difficulties faced by our partners interstate who detect contaminants and shred the materials before they are returned to Corex Recycling in Victoria are also key contributing factors.

The culmination of these factors has meant that we have struggled to provide the program that is key to our supportive and sustainably minded customers.

This all points to a very needed revamp, not a suspension or cancellation.

Our Melbourne program remains unchanged and will continue as normal.

Our interstate recycling service has not been cancelled. We are remodeling the current service with the goal of creating a solution that works both for Corex Recycling and our interstate customers.

We still invite every sheet of Corflute® to be brought back to Corex for recycling. The service issues are only regarding the transportation service from our interstate hubs to our site at Dandenong South Victoria.

Other than the interstate Corflute® Recycling Program, all of our recycling services remain the same. Every kilogram of HD-PE, LD-PE and PP returned to us will be processed and recycled.

What’s next?

We are looking into shared hub models to congregate waste, subscription models, and ways to densify the collection.

We will be keeping our distributors and partners up to date, so please stay in touch will your local Corflute® distributor or get in touch with Corex Recycling by emailing You can also contact the team at Corex Plastics on

Thank you for your understanding.

Above: Corflute®Recycling Bin. Drop‑off your Corflute® Election signage for free to the dedicated collection bins at Paper Resource.