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Advent Calendar Case Study

3 mins read 29 November 2023

The lead up to Christmas is always fun for us. We love creating beautiful Australian made sheet, packaging, and seasonal displays for our customers.

And when all this fast past seasonal design and production starts to ease, we like to find a bit of enjoyment through creating bespoke gifts to give to the clients that have kept us busy throughout the year.

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Materials & Design

This Christmas, our industrial design team put together a very special Advent Calendar made entirely on site here at Corex.

The twenty-five-day Christmas Advent Calendar was designed with the idea of creating a unique and premium gift package with tiny star chocolate treats to be enjoyed daily on the lead up to Christmas.

The design utilises custom made 0.6 mm PROMEG® silver ghost (outside) and red polypropylene (inside) co-extruded sheet with a matt finish.

The structural packaging design of the Advent Calendar is minimal and sleek, keeping usability and ease of assembly at top of mind. The graphic treatment is bold and fun and takes on the iridescent sheen from the metallic flecked PROMEG® sheet which it is printed directly on to.

The internal star chocolate supports are made from 0.6 mm clear (mirror) PROMEG polypropylene.

The Advent Calendar design considers the environmental benefits and impacts of the package along with its cost, function, performance, durability, availability, safety, and adopts the Principles of Design for Sustainability:

  1. Manufactured from Australian made PROMEG® much better environmental option than foam-board or PVC alternative.
  2. Only 1 material is used whilst maximising sheet yield (60% used) and minimising waste.
  3. Tight supply chain: design, material, print, cut and assembly all completed on site at Corex.
  4. VOC-free inks. Digitally printed–fewer set ups. Less energy.
  5. All scrap from the job is recycled again on site at Corex Recycling.
  6. Light weight and energy efficient material.
  7. Long lasting durable design.
  8. Innovative aesthetic and concept.
  9. Quick assembly
  10. 100% recyclable at Corex Recycling and reused to make PROMEG ecorange® products.

More Sustainable Materials

If you are looking for creative, bespoke, locally designed and produced packaging for your next promotion, contact the team at Corex and Megara.

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