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Hort Connections Wrap Up 2024

3 mins read 12 June 2024
We make, you use, we recycle.

What a week we had exhibiting at Hort Connections in Melbourne! We loved learning about what’s top of mind for everyone in the horticulture industry.

Growers and retailers alike are seeking the most sustainable packaging solutions for their produce boxes. Corflute® eco is an excellent alternative to traditional and outdated packaging because it is more environmentally and economically sustainable than single use cardboard boxes and polystyrene boxes used in picking, transportation, and delivery.

Australian Packaging Sustainably Designed

Check out our products featured at Hort Connections.

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Above: NEW: PROMEG® Kerbeco Retail Gift Packaging. Carbon Neutral Certified, Recycled, Recyclable, & Australian Made!
Above: Corex's own IBC solutions made entirely on site at Corex in Melbourne. We can design your fresh produce packaging to fit perfectly into IBC's; reducing transportation costs and environment alike.
Above: Looking for a reusable retailer to customer delivery box? Try Australian Made, Recycled & Recyclable Corflute® eco solutions.
Above: Grower to Retailer & Repeat! Corflute® eco fresh produce packaging.
Above: Tote boxes have combined design with durable, recyclable, Australian made Corflute®, achieving a premium solution that vastly extends the life of each tote from 4-5 for a cardboard alternative to 150 return trips!
Above: New Corflute® eco Flat Pack Tote. Designed with all the benefits of our rigid assembled Tote boxes with the added ability to collapse when not in use. Design Registered. Australian Made.
Above: Corflute® eco desk caddy. A reminder of what we had on show at Hort Connections 2024.
Above: Corex stand at Hort Connections in Melbourne 2024. Did you know that the walls were printed on Corflute® eco? Recyclable after the show at Corex Recycling!

From Waste to Wonder at Hort Connections

Apart from creating our own stand at Hort Connections, we also teamed with Filton Packaging to remanufacture their packaging waste into a spectacular expo stand at Hort Connections.

Read about how Australian manufacturer Filton Packaging who specialises in flexible packaging films and bags for the fresh produce industry, has turned their waste into a trade show stand at Hort Connections 2024.

Above: Printed wall panels, 3D wall propping, and product display plinths all made using Corflute® and PROMEG ecorange®. Printed directly to the sheet. No glue, tapes or PVC coating required.
Above: Find out how to become a partner today. Talk to our packaging specialists who will discuss how we can help you to make the change to our Homegrown Solutions. Sustainably Designed.

Corex & the Circular Economy

Last year we recycled 500 tonnes of waste materials returned to us from people using Corflute® in signage and display applications alone! We are incredibly proud of this achievement.

To celebrate, we have recently introduced a new initiative, the “Corflute Recycling Partner Program.” This program is exclusive to companies that are part of our full circular economy and aims to encourage businesses to return their materials at the end of their useful life.

Everything we make is invited to be brought back for recycling and reuse in products for tomorrow. Corex Recycling works alongside the factory that produces Corflute® and PROMEG®.

Become a Recycling Partner

Talk to our packaging specialists who will discuss how we can help you to make the change to our Homegrown Solutions. Sustainably Designed.

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